Cleanroom Sticky Mats

Decontaminating peel-off layered adhesive antibacterial polyethylene mat for trapping dirt and contamination from shoes and trolley wheels in operations requiring increased hygiene requirements. Our decontaminating mats are suitable for the entrance areas of operating theatres, filters, ICUs and laboratories.

Color variants of antibacterial sticky mats by AVMC


Blue is the standard colour for most laboratories, medical centres, cleaning rooms and intensive care units.


Green is most commonly used in canteens and the food industry and in biotechnology facilities.

Red and Yellow

Red and yellow decontamination mats are used in nuclear power plants and decontamination zones.


The white variant is commonly used in all industries.


The grey variant is often used in the manufacturing, automotive and aerospace industries.

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ESD decontamination mats

Data centres, intensive care units and other environments may also require antistatic care of decontamination mats to avoid power outages.

Rubber frames for sticky mats

We also offer rubber frames for our sticky mats. These unique frames have overrunning edges and a hollow for mat insertion. This can be useful in places where the mats cannot be glued or sticked on the floor or anywhere, where it is necessary to move the mat.

Features of AV Medical decontamination mats

Highly effective

AV Medical decontamination mats are highly effective when used properly, applied correctly and provided the layers are stripped off after wear.

Nonhazardous to health

AV Medical mats are not hazardous to health nor do they contain materials that are harmful to health. They are suitable for use in intensive care units.

ISO certification

All AV Medical mats must pass ISO quality standards certified by CSN EN ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, which are consistent with global standards.

Extra sticky, extra thin

The quality of the mat influences the correct function. AV Medical applies the highest industry standards in the process of developing decontamination mats, resulting in high adhesion and dust resistance while the mats are still thin – this makes them easy to install.


All AV Medical decontamination mats must undergo a rigorous ISO standard antibacterial treatment to enhance their antibacterial capabilities. This is critical as they are used in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, laboratories and operating theatres.

Sizes and dimensions of decontamination mats

You can order boxes with 30, 40 or 60 layered mats. The number of mats per box depends on your requirements.
Other, individual sizes can be made on request.

Size (Inches)16 × 24″18 × 36″18 × 45″24 × 30″24 × 36″24 × 45″24 × 46″36 × 36″36 × 45″36 × 60″
Size (Centimetres)60 x 40 cm90 x 45 cm115 x 45 cm60 x 76 cm60 x 90 cm115 x 60 cm114 x 66 cm91 x 91 cm115 x 90 cm152 x 91 cm

Why buy with us?

  • Decontamination mats are an essential and necessary element to ensure a clean and dust-free environment. AV Medical Decontaminating Mats are notified as Medical Device class I by State Institute for Drug Control. Free Sale Certificate can be provided as well.
  • The effectiveness of AVMC mats is well proven by many customers who use them in a wide variety of environments.
  • Clients that place the greatest demands on quality include laboratory environments, operating theatres, intensive care units and the chemical and food industry.

We value the trust of our customers with whom we have long-term relationships. We continually invest in the quality of our products and in new ways to enable the maximum use of the decontamination mats. An example of this is the rubber frame product, which allows decontamination mats to be portable or used on non-traditional surfaces.